ALFajr Aljadeed Consulting Engineering
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Welcome to Alfajr Aljadeed Consulting Company

we are very proud to be one of the colsulting company in qatar.

Effective Association

we have the honor to participate the Development of qatar country.

Elegant Designs

our team is a highly qualified team so all of our projects are elegant.

Latest Design Technology

we are using latest technology editions just to fulfill customer requirements.

New era of innovation

Todays innovations became the language of the time and that is one of our goal.

Rich Drawings

rich drawings which can be added to your project, don't hesitate to have a look.

Customer Confort

all of our efforts exerted just to satisfy our customer needs not just words but actions.

Variety of Landscape

to satisfy our customers needs, we provide them with a variety of different landscapes.

Not Ordinary Consulting

It is the perfect choice for consulting, because we offers what the customers are looking for.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the main goal of our company because it the most important problem today.

Success History

success it is never easy issue but our dream of success became true and that is because of our cutomers.

Customers Achievment

here in our company all of our staff aims to achieve all customers dreams, so we do our best.

Welcome to ALFajr Consultant Engineering

AlFajr Engineering Consultant is a group of highly qualified Engineers, Since its founding ALFajr has
grown to become one of the most comprehensive Design in the Region. ALFajr providing services to transform
the built environment and restore the natural environment, today and tomorrow. ALFajr Accomplished hundreds
of Projects in Qatar and AUE as well, we must improve energy efficiency, lower consumption, adapt to climate change
and enable the mobility of our people, we have the honor to hear from you, so inform us your feedback.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Services

Our Projects

Chairman's Message

Since the beginning of the establishment of Alfajr Aljadeed, the company was
able to find the values and concepts in the Consulting sector, contracting and
interior and exterior decoration, and it as taken over the past decade, a lot of
bold moves, and has invested in many areas of construction. The modern
thinking, creativity and innovation are the most important foundations on
which the company, since the beginning of growth and prosperity of
construction workand decoration in Qatar.

Eng.Mohamed Ali